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The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.
~Theodore Roosevelt

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Soft Skill Training
Why should companies emphasize the importance of soft skills training? Let us talk about Indian companies. There is no questioning the fact the Indians are very competent with technical skills, but the critical question is, “Will this suffice for them to be globally competitive?”
Executive Training
The Executive Training Program conducted by IERD encompasses integral elements like Leadership Training, Presentation Skills Training, Stress Management Training & Time Management Training. The Corporate training is aimed at managers who normally operate at a senior or executive level, as they are often required to be ‘Big Picture’ thinkers on a regular basis.
Placement Training
Through the Placement Training conducted by IERD Training Solutions, we effectively increase the employability skills of our participants. They also undergo Soft Skills Training to enhance their all-round develo pment.
College Training
IERD Training Solutions conducts special College Training through Job Placement Training and Motivational Training. These are aimed with increasing the employability of students. Moreover, we have introduced Soft Skills Training for teachers as well – having identified that the retention and learning of students from Soft Skills Training is enhanced session is enhanced when the teachers are trained on certain aspects of Soft Skills.
Managerial Training
Our Managerial Training Program aims to equip managers on the following aspects that are essential to their role:
• Business Email Writing
• Motivational Training
• Stress Management Training
• Presentation Skills Training
• Problem Solving Training
• Time Management Training
• Conflict Resolution Training
• Communication Skills Training
• Team Building Training
Teaching Methodology
We at IERD have our crew of experts drawn from communication, Industry, Management, HRD, Behavioural Sciences, Finance, IT, Social & Rural Management with proven merit & outstanding achievement in their respective area. Who caters to need of R&D in the process of designing courseware, which happens to play a very important role in imparting knowledge of the interest and various fetures therein.


» IERD has been living up to its commitment to its clients of “building their assets through human capital”.

» At IERD, we want you to live the experience. We service our clients with a host of HR solutions, encompassing Corporate Training, Soft Skills Development, etc. We are reputed for delivering effective results consistently with focus, understanding and forever emphasis on quality.

» IERD core competency is its ability to identify and understand the Training Needs (ASK- Attitude, Skills, Knowledge) sought by employers across industry verticals. We, at IERD determine these gaps and then design develop and deliver customised training programs. Know More....